Terminal Velocity

Build Your Own Terminal Based IDE.

Have you ever watched a developer who knows Vim soar through editing tasks and wonder if you could ever get that fast? Many developers want the power that Vim can provide, but stumble when attempting to make Vim their full time editor. I know, I used to be one of those developers.

Most Vim tutorials and books focus exclusively on teaching the Vim keystrokes and what they do rather than how to actually get work done on a day to day basis. This book is an attempt to bridge that gap. It contains an in-depth tutorial that describes how to configure and use Z Shell, tmux and Vim together as a terminal based programming environment.

Once the tools are setup and configured the book shows how to actually use them together to get real work done. It covers many common situations that a developer will run into on a regular basis and how to deal with them effectively.

The book is available to read for free. You can read it online, or download the PDF version.

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